Mar 9, 2019

Reason #4: Collections

Ernane Iung

Ernane Iung – President and Owner of ei Funding

Reason #4:  Collections – leave the heavy lifting to us.

In life, there are things we like to do, and some things we don’t, and business is no different.

Probably what made your business successful today is a focus or talent in one particular area, but as a small business owner, unfortunately, you have to do everything, not just the things you like, or are good at. There is always one part of a company’s business that an owner doesn’t like. Every business has one – but I can assure you that for many small businesses, one of the things they dislike the most is doing COLLECTIONS.

Why do business owners not like doing Collections? Because it’s a hassle and inconvenient to track people down and ask for money.  No one likes to call and bug people about paying them. It’s simply no fun and not enjoyable. Most people don’t enjoy being “inconvenient” and calling someone to remind them about money is nothing but that.

One of the most appreciated at valued services Factors perform for their trucking company clients is Collections. We do that for you. We take the unpleasantness out of your weekly or daily routine, and just handle it – professionally and effectively.  And in that way, you’re free to focus on what you enjoy doing most – drive your rig, manage your company, or whatever else floats your boat.

It’s a chore…along with many other things, so why not give it over to someone who you trust and know will do it well?  Your Factor.

Learn more about invoice factoring at ei Funding and how we can help with collections for your business today

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