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What Is P.O. Financing?

P.O. financing, or purchase order financing, is a financial solution that allows businesses to fulfill large orders without draining their cash reserves. By leveraging your incoming purchase orders, you can get the funds you need to meet customer demands.

Benefits of P.O. Financing:

Navigating P.O. Financing: Expert Tips for Financial Success

Are you a business owner wondering if P.O. financing is right for you? Our free e-book: “Navigating P.O. Financing: Expert Tips for Financial Success” is your go-to guide for understanding how to leverage this financial tool to its fullest potential.

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At ei Funding, we’re not just about solving today’s problems; we’re your partners in paving the way for a more secure, profitable future. While our invoice factoring services alleviate immediate cash flow challenges, our exclusive add-on services like debt consolidation, equipment financing and P.O. financing open new doors for growth and stability.

See how our tailored offerings can provide both immediate relief to cash flow challenges and long-term advantages for your business:

Problem: Delayed Payments from Clients2023-10-05T10:46:32-04:00

Clients falling behind on their payments can bottleneck your operations and disrupt your cash flow.

Our Solution: With invoice factoring, you can instantly convert your outstanding invoices into cash.

+ P.O. Financing: By adding P.O. financing you can enhance your liquidity by securing funds for new orders while waiting for invoice payments, ensuring a seamless business cycle.

Problem: Large Orders Straining Cash Flow2023-10-05T10:49:10-04:00

While fulfilling large orders is a sign of growth, it can easily put a strain your available cash reserves.

Our Solution: Invoice factoring can ease the cash flow strain and offer the funds you need to fulfill large orders.

+ P.O. Financing: The addition of P.O. financing can complement your invoice factoring by being able to handle even larger orders without worrying about depleting your cash reserves.

Problem: Seasonal Sales Variability2023-10-05T10:50:13-04:00

Seasonal fluctuations can be a significant stressor, especially when cash flow ebbs during off-peak times.

Our Solution: Invoice factoring can help manage your cash flow effectively, regardless of season.

+ P.O. Financing: By adding P.O. financing you can secure additional capital to prepare for peak seasons, ensuring you meet customer demand without financial strain.

Problem: Diversifying Client Base2023-10-05T10:51:44-04:00

Expanding your client base is essential for sustainable growth, but expanding marketing and sales can put a strain on your existing financial resources.

Our Solution: Invoice Factoring helps you maintain a steady cash flow, so you can focus on client acquisition.

+ P.O. Financing: The addition of P.O financing can leverage the extra working capital to take on new, larger clients, diversifying your revenue streams without cash-flow limitations.

By combining our invoice factoring services with P.O. financing, you’re not just solving immediate issues — you’re building a more resilient, agile business.

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