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“Conventional wisdom says businesses fail because they run out of cash… But a lack of cash is more of an effect than a cause, and i can prove it with a little unconventional thinking.”

Ernane Iung    •   President and Owner, ei Funding

The Success Factor

The Success Factor will take you through the first, most important things to consider when starting your company, and contrast conventional wisdom on the topics with the latest, ground-breaking but proven, unconventional wisdom.

By the time you finish reading The Success Factor: Unconventional Wisdom for Small Business Success, you’ll have goals, a timeline, a business model, and a product service offering in place for your small business or start-up; plus you’ll understand the thinking of your ideal customer, where and how to find them, and how to market in a way that attracts customers you want.

Lastly, you’ll learn to do more of the things you love doing, and how to get paid faster, and keep more of the money you earn than you ever thought possible.

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