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How to Apply for Factoring with ei Funding

Factoring is one of the most long-standing forms of finance for businesses like yours. With ei Funding, it’s easy to apply and get the cash you need for your invoices.

Here’s how to apply:
  1. Fill out the quick form at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to our secure financial online portal.
  2. Complete a few more questions about your business and your needs.
  3. We’ll contact you within 1 business day to discuss your invoice factoring application and how we can help you access the cash you need.
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How the Invoice Factoring Application Process Works

Before you start your secure online application, we recommend that you gather all your important business documents and personal information.

This includes documentation like driver’s license(s), Social Security number(s), legal form of the business, the state of formation, articles of incorporation, and your business tax I.D.

You’ll also need several financial documents from your business that account for at least two years:

  • Balance sheets
  • Profit and loss (P&L) statements
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Three months of bank statements

Once you complete the invoice factoring application, we’ll contact you within 1 business day to see how we can help you and your business.

If you have any questions about the invoice factoring application process, please contact us at 407-734-4155.
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Your success is our success! We’re here to support you by giving you access to the cash your business needs today to help you grow tomorrow.

tarek kanaan

We’ve worked with Ernane since last Spring. He’s helped us immensely as far as our cash flow. It’s been a real game-changer, honestly. He’s been keeping things going for us. I wish we had known about Ernane sooner in our business cycle, it would have been really helpful.

He’s asked “Do you guys need money? What can I do for you?” He’s met us face-to-face and given us that personal touch.

He’s a very friendly person and I definitely recommend him to any business owner.

Manny ramirez

Before we started working with Ernane, it was horrible. It was hard to get invoices on time and in correctly and there was just no feedback from our bigger clients.

Once we started working with him, we were able to establish a rapid and ready turnaround. I had the funds available when I needed it and a faster turnaround in payment to our contractors.

Ernane is very personable, very intuitive and really works hard. He’s just a great guy to do business with. He’ll tell you how it is and he’s been there when we needed him.

Manny Ramirez, R&R Texram LLC

If it wasn’t for Ernane, I’m not sure where I’d be right now with my business.

He’s on top of everything. I can hire more technicians now and I’ve grown the business by about 20 percent. I have no words to describe how much he’s helped me and how he’s helping my business grow. I definitely recommend working with him to anybody. Once they see how on-point he is, they’ll love him.”

James Quiles, Owner, A&J Telecommunications, LLC
blue integration logo

If we didn’t go through Ernane, we would have had to wait 30 days before our first check came. After we started working with him, we were able to pay our employees on a regular basis. Otherwise, we would have had to have them wait.

This is one of the best funding companies. Ernane’s customer service is over the top. He goes above and beyond… he’s been a real pleasure to work with.

If you want someone that’s dependable and consistent, I definitely recommend him.

Sylvia Troyer, Office Manager, Blueintegration, LLC
tb spark sessions panelists nov 20186 Cesar Hernandez 700x700 1

When I first started working with Ernane, I had the concept for my business and a really strong pipeline, but I was in a really delicate balancing act between accounts payable and accounts receivable, operations costs and cash flow.

Ernane has helped me every step of the way with capital for my business. He’s been a part of my growth and I can trust him and know that I’m going to get the value. The money’s going to be there. At the end of the day, I win.

He’s just trustworthy. We speak, we understand each other. He’s just someone I want to do business with. It just makes sense to work with him.

How Does ei Funding Compare to Other “Big Box” Financing?

When it comes to business financing, it’s great to know that there are many different options out there to choose from to help get you the cash you need quickly. The problem is that not all of these financing options are created equally — in fact, many can end up costing your business significantly more than others in the long run.

To help you make the best decision on which option is best for your company, check out our “Big Box” Funding Companies vs. ei Funding chart below, allowing you to easily compare business financing options from both “big box” funding companies and boutique companies like ei Funding.

“Big Box” Financing Options vs. Invoice Factoring

Maximum Capital Available

Maximum Capital Available

(How much money can I access?)

Cost And Fees

Costs and Fees

(What charges are typically involved?)

Application Process

Application Process

(How do I apply and how long does approval take?)

Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time

(How soon will I receive my funds?)

Credit Criteria

Credit Criteria

(What does my credit need to look like?)

Repayment Terms

Repayment Terms

(When do I have to pay the money back?)

Invoice Factoring from ei Funding

  • 80 – 90% of Your Unpaid Invoices
  • Small Fee Per Invoice (a.k.a. the “discount rate”; no APR or hidden fees)
  • Online Application + Quick Approval Process (we’ll contact you within 1 business day to discuss your needs)
  • Rapid Funding (often the same day as approval)
  • High Credit Score Not Required
  • N/A (invoice factoring isn’t a loan and the invoice advances are paid by your Customer, not by you)

Bank Loans

  • Average SBA Loan = $350,000 (other loans range from $5,000 to $500,000, depending)
  • Application Fee
  • Origination Fee
  • Guaranty Fee
  • Monthly
  • Annual Fee
  • Late-Payment Fee
  • Prepayment Penalties
  • Other Potential Fees
  • Online Application + Lengthy Approval Process (can take up to 2 or 3 months to get approved)
  • Between 14 and 90 Days
  • Higher Credit Scores Required (generally, 730 or higher)
  • 3 months – 25 years, depending on the loan type

Credit Cards

  • Average Credit Limit of ~ $6,000 (+ interest, if not paid within the designated pay cycle)
  • Average Cash Advance of 30 – 50% of Overall Credit Limit, Depending on the Credit Card
  • Credit Cards Will Never Furnish All Your Working Capital Needs (limits are based on your credit worthiness, and once reached, are difficult to surpass until paid down)
  • Annual Fee
  • Balance Transfer Fee
  • Cash Advance Fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fee
  • Interest Charges
  • Late-Payment Fee
  • Over-the-Limit Fee
  • Returned Payment Fee
  • Online Application  + Quick Approval Process (often within seconds of submitting)
  • ASAP (via ATM withdrawal, in-person withdrawal from bank or a cash advance convenience check)
  • Higher Credit Scores Preferred (generally, 670 or higher)
  • Anytime (but the longer you have an outstanding balance, the more interest you will accrue)

Invoice Financing (Competitors)

  • ~ 80% of Your Unpaid Invoices
  • Small Fee (typically 1 – 3% per month)
  • Typically Include Hidden Fees which include minimum monthly amounts, manual processing of invoices, minimum discount fee per invoice below certain invoice amounts, and others
  • Online Application + Quick Approval Process (can be approved and receive funding as quickly as 24 hours, depending)
  • 1 – 5 Days
  • Requirements Vary (some do not have a minimum requirement, others may require a minimum score of 600)
  • N/A (invoice financing isn’t a loan because it’s your money to begin with, so no repayment terms are needed)

Merchant Cash Advances

  • Average MCA Amount = $5,000 – $500,000
  • 30 – 50% More Than the Principal Amount
  • Daily Payments (drafted from your business account daily based on a predetermined amount by the MCA company)
  • Online Application + Relatively Quick Approval Process (typically, a response is provided in one or two business days)
  • As Soon As 48 Hours
  • None or Very Low (a good credit score not required as approval is based on your business’s ability to pay back the loan from future revenue)
  • Typically Between 3 – 10 Months
  • Payments Drafted Daily (from your business account)
  • MCA Companies Employ a “Consent of Judgement” Clause (this is where if payments are not made, a default judgement is automatically entered against your small business)

Frequently Asked Questions

Invoice factoring is one of the oldest types of business finance and is one of the best alternative financing options available to small business owners. Factoring involves the purchase of your accounts receivable for cash, at a slight discount to your invoices face value, in order to quickly provide working capital for your growing business.

By purchasing your accounts receivables, a Factor advances you typically 80% – 90% of your invoice value and then collects it from your customers for you. A reliable factoring firm will also provide you with guidance and financial advice throughout the process. By working with a trusted Factor, you’ll be able to focus more time on running and growing your business, not chasing down customers to pay their aging invoices.

There are five simple steps to invoice factoring: 1) You deliver your goods/services to your Customers. 2) You send invoices to your Customers. 3) You sell your invoices to a factoring company and get paid a cash advance of between 80% – 90% of the invoice face value, less a nominal fee. 4) Your factor collects payment directly from your Customers, typically 30-45 days later. 5) Once your factor has been paid in full, they’ll pay you the remaining invoice balance.

People often wonder: “Is factoring a loan?” The answer is no, and here’s the difference between the two:

With traditional bank financing, rates tend to be slightly lower, however, the approval criteria along with other restrictions, have grown recently, making it much more difficult to obtain, especially for small businesses and start-ups. When banks provide a line of credit, this is a debt, which will show up on your company balance sheet and be tied to some form of collateral of yours or the company’s, creating further restrictions.

Factoring, on the other hand, is not debt, but rather an advance against your invoice for products or services. Each advance is tied to a specific transaction, and as a result, is used only when you want to use it. It grows as your company grows, and is there for as long as you need it, since the money provided you are advances made against your own, earned invoices.

Learn more about how factoring compares to other financing online now.

Absolutely! At ei Funding, we love new companies. Every big company today was at one time a new company. Unlike banks, factors generally don’t call for very much history of a company since we rely heavily on the creditworthiness of your customers.

This allows you to get going almost immediately and focus on what you do best — grow your business. With years of factoring experience working with small companies, we at ei Funding are in a position to help you get the results you deserve.

Yes. If you, or your company, have a blemish on your credit record, we understand that. What makes invoice factoring special is that the focus of our credit analysis is not based entirely on you, but also on your company, and the quality of your clients, since ultimately it is they who will be paying your invoices. So although bad credit is not something we encourage, it is not a show stopper for obtaining factoring services for your growing business.

Contracts spell out the rules of the game for both sides, and at ei Funding, we do our best to make sure ours are clear so that everyone knows how things work. As far as contracts go, you can cancel your factoring agreement at any time, and the only thing we require is that it be done in writing 30 days before your intended stop date.

We are committed to a simple and transparent rate structure designed to help you keep more of your hard-earned money. And finally, if for whatever reason we don’t meet your service expectations, then we don’t want to stand in your way to find a service provider who does.

This is something we are asked all the time. There’s a misconception that factoring is a costly option compared to bank financing, when actually, a business ends up paying only a few pennies for each dollar factored.

As an example, a $1,000 invoice will typically cost anywhere between $25 – 40 in factoring fees, so when we say it only costs cents on the dollar, we really mean it.

No. Invoice factoring is not considered debt. It involves the purchase by the Factor and the sale by the Client, of invoices for goods and services.

Because of this fact, small businesses may use invoice factoring even if they already have a line of credit with a commercial bank.

There are many advantages of choosing factoring as an alternative for financing your business. Here are some of the best reasons to use invoice factoring for your business:

  • Immediate cash advances, typically same-day, for your Invoices
  • It’s not debt, so no monthly term payments
  • It’s flexible — you use it only on the Customers you choose
  • It inexpensive, costing your business only pennies on the dollar
  • You receive 80 – 90% of your invoice amount up front, in cash
  • It grows with your business
  • It provides necessary cash flow to manage through potential slowdowns or Seasonality which are a normal part of your business

Any business that invoices their company clients can use factoring to get the funds they need. Businesses in industries from manufacturing to professional services can use invoice factoring to their advantage. So long as you produce an invoice for goods you deliver or services you render, you can use invoice factoring.

While any company can use invoice factoring, there are a few types of businesses that can benefit the most from using it. These include: cable construction services (for telecommunications), staffing services (for hotels, restaurants and rental car agencies), retail distribution companies, manufacturing, marketing and PR agencies, and craft distilleries and breweries, just to name a few.

First, we recommend you familiarize yourself with what invoice factoring at ei Funding entails, if you haven’t done so already. If factoring seems like something you’re interested in pursuing for your business, submit an online invoice factoring application to begin the process. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at 407-734-4155.

When applying online, we recommend you have all of your most important documents on hand. This includes your driver’s license, Social Security number, articles of incorporation of your business (LLC, Corporation, or other), and your business tax I.D.

You’ll also need financial documents that account for at least two years:

  • Balance sheets
  • Profit and loss (P&L) statements
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Three months of bank statements

We like to do things right, so we typically take a week to 10 days to get you set up, once we’ve received all the necessary information from you, although if needed, we take as little as 24 – 48 hours.

From our experience, we’ve learned that what’s most important to you in the long run, is not the fast setup, but the fast funding — of the correct amounts, when and how you need it. We do our best to get you set up quickly, but since we also depend on you providing us the requested information, we’ll work to get it done in as little time as possible.

You can easily apply online any time. And once you’re approved and set up, in cases where you already have invoices to approved customers, it’s likely we can get you funded on those right away.

Factoring is widespread in many industries including Staffing, Construction, and Transportation, and many Customers including Shippers and Brokers actually prefer dealing with Factors for accounts receivables management.

To these Customers, it shows you take your invoicing seriously and see the value of putting accounts receivables management with us, and therefore allowing you to focus on what you do best — running and growing your business.

As you know, running a small business takes a lot of work. Although our focus is Factoring, we also offer Purchase Order Financing and Debt Consolidation as part of a factoring facility set-up. We are focused on finding the best solution that works for your growing small business, because at ei Funding, your success is our success.

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