How Does Invoice Factoring Work? 5 Simple Steps

ei Funding is an Orlando-based alternative finance company dedicated to providing small- to medium-sized businesses the working capital needed to grow and ultimately become successful. I do this primarily through the funding methods of factoring and purchase order financing. As a factoring company, the most frequently asked question I receive [...]

Your Accountant: the 1st Member of Your Virtual Small Business Team

As a small business Owner, you’re not always able to hire or bring in-house all the people you need to effectively run your business, so that means outsourcing some of the more critical jobs. The first three critical functions most small businesses outsource are Accounting, Legal, and (digital) Marketing. This [...]

Passion as a Secret Weapon for Small Business Success – Lessons From My Customers

When you’ve been around for as long as I have (nearly 30 years!) you’re delighted with any opportunity to be able to share your learnings and experiences. You tend to want to do it a lot but need to be reminded that life is a two-way street and that learning [...]

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